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Captain Colin Jordaan Aviation Sporting and Management Activities

• Represented South Africa – Precision Flying in 1977 (World Precision Flying – Wels Austria)
• Represented South Africa on 6 further occasions between 1980 and 1990 for Precision Flying and Rally          Flying (Germany 1980; Nottingham UK 1981; USA 1985; Spain 1986; Northampton UK 1988; Argentina 1990)
• Appointed by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) to organise and run the 7th World Rally        Flying Championships in Stellenbosch in 1991.
• Awarded the FAI Sports Medal subsequent to that event (first ever recipient of the award).
• Appointed as Chief Judge or Jury Chairman/member at four further World
   Championships until 1996.
• Nominated for Chief Judge at 1st World Air Games (Turkey 1997) but declined due pressure of work.
• Served as Committee Member and Chairman of the South African Power Flying Association for many years
• Served on the Board of Directors of the Aero Club of South Africa.
• Flew in 15 President’s Trophy Air Races from 1975 to 2016.

Flying Career
o Obtained Private Pilot’s Licence in 1975
o Obtained Commercial Pilot’s Licence in 1977
o Obtained Instrument and Instructor’s Rating in 1978
o Joined South African Airways (SAA) January 1980
o Obtained Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATP) in 1981
o Obtained Test Pilot Rating (Class II) 2002
o Flew as 2nd Officer B747, First Officer on HS748, B737 and B747 until 1996
o Obtained command on Airbus A300’s in early 1997
o Appointed as Senior Captain Jan 1998
o Command rated on the B737-200, B737-800, A300, A330 and the A340 family of aircraft
o In 2007, became the first African to fly the A380 Airbus.
o Grand Total Flying Hours > 17,000
o Hrs as pilot in command of multi-engined aircraft = 8181
o Hrs as pilot in command of multi-engined jets = 6681

Management Career
o SAA Flight Operations Strategic Planning Manager 1994
o SAA Chief Technical Pilot 1999-2005
o SAA General Manager Flight Operations 2005-2007
o Seconded to head the SA Civil Aviation Authority 2008-2010 as Director of Civil Aviation
o Retired as Senior Captain SAA Nov 2015
o Served as a non-executive director on a number of companies over the years.

• Official Route Checker and Competition Director for Practice World Rally Stellenbosch Nov 2020; Team           RSA Training Camp March 2021 and National Rally Flying Championships Stellenbosch April 2021

• Currently retired and living on a golf estate some 20 km from Stellenbosch.