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While at university Frank founded the University of Natal Flying Club, but it took him ten years to complete his PPL, running out of airfields, money and time. He entered the rally arena as a navigator with Martin Hellberg, and has been involved in top level rally and precision competitions since then. When  Frank and Cally got married in 2009, Cally immediately stepped in to learn the ropes, both in organising and participating in competitions. She was chosen to navigate for Frank in Slovakia the very next year.

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Aviation lessons
There is a saying that the most dangerous part of flying is driving to the airfield. While this may be statistically true, this is very misleading, Frank says. Aviation is a dangerous environment. However, it is our attitude, and all the precautions, checks and double checks that we carry out that make it safe, and then it is having a plan B and C prepared in advance and never  running out of alternatives. 

“Use your superior judgement to make wise decisions so
that you don’t need to use your superior skills.”

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In 2004 Frank decided to give back to aviation sport and started the Fun Rally  programme. He rewrote the international rules to remove complications,  decrease the costs and simplify organisation of the events. In 2010 Cally  joined him and together they have run 100 competitions. Frank has been a member of SAPFA for 35 years, and has served as Chairman for eight years. 
Frank joined the GAC in 2016, as Chairman of the Rally Sub-committee. He  and Cally have been instrumental in re-writing the international competition  rules. Frank and Cally have together represented South Africa in World Competitions in Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Germany. Cally  has managed the SA team on two occasions and has run the SA Precision  Championships in 2015. Their greatest achievement was in 2015 when they  were chosen to represent South Africa at the World Air Games in the ANR championships. They achieved gold in the landings and bronze in the overall standings. In Spain the following year they again won gold in the landing  category at the World Rally Flying Championships.

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The Future
The year 2021 was going to be a big one for aviation sport in SA and Frank and Cally have taken on the task of route planning for the World Rally Flying Championships in 2021.