We will provide details on the website for various Tourism Visiting Opportunities which will include (but not be limited to)

  • Nature tourism: exploring conservation areas by walking or riding in the forest, or on the mountain or beach, navigation in rivers, lakes and the sea, observation of flora, fauna and other natural attractions such as waterfalls, caves, etc.
  • Experiential cultural tourism: visiting local communities, including participation in daily life activities and various cultural events, such as music, dance and arts, rites or religious holidays, etc.
  • Agri-tourism: visiting rural communities to participate in agricultural production, winemaking, livestock, handicrafts other traditional agricultural activities.
  • Historical tourism: visiting special sites to see monuments, sculptures, architecture, civil, military or religious artefacts, archaeological remains of ancient cultures, local museums and sites of paleontological or historical interest.
  • Sports tourism: recreational fishing and hunting, sports that require specialized training and equipment: canoeing, climbing, rappelling, etc.
  • Scientific tourism: observation and study of flora, fauna and geology, local food plants and ancestral medicinal knowledge and its applications in the conservation of biodiversity